Track project work with ManicTime
Learn how to properly structure your tags to reflect your project work. If you keep a correct structure of your work projects, then keeping track of your work hours will be a breeze.
Using timesheet
Use timesheet to make any report you need. Timesheet is highly configurable so you should be able to generate any kind of report.
Use shortcuts for frequently used tags
Shortcuts can greatly speed up the time it takes you to tag your day. Click on a tag to select it, then type Ctrl-1 to assign it to 1. Now just select some time and type 1.
Use double click in Add tag window
Another time saver is double click on Add tag window. You don't need to select a tag, then click Ok. You can just double click on the colored square to quickly tag with selected tag.
Assign tracked data to Work and Non-work
Use autotags to easy distinguish between Working and Non working hours...
Restricted tracking
Configure ManicTime to only track your usage at pre-defined times. You can also configure it to track only specific applications, web sites or documents.