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Imagine your average day at work. You come in, check a few emails, grab a cup of coffee, and chat with your co-workers. The morning might drag until lunch, when meetings and thoughts of an afternoon nap begin. Eventually, the clock hits 5 pm, and you can go home, having accomplished what you hope was enough to get through another day. Without an accurate timesheet on the books, you or your boss will never really know for sure.

Not all work days are like this, and not all jobs require employees to sit behind a desk. However, most jobs seem to have a certain amount of time that is spent during the day not working, or not working on the tasks that have been assigned. This is not always a bad thing. In fact, downtime during the day is often necessary for mental awareness and increased focus, and many employers encourage a little downtime. However, being able to track your work can make any company and its employees more efficient when it matters most.

Time Keeping Solutions

ManicTime is a software application that allows users to track what they spend their time on during the average workday. ManicTime is downloaded on to your personal computer, enabling you to see what websites you visit and which tools you use. You can then use that information to help you change or alter your existing work routine for the better. The software can also be used on the computers of your employees to track projects and how much time is spent on those projects.

ManicTime’s hours tracker feature allow it to be incredibly beneficial for project management purposes. It allows a manager or an individual to see exactly how much time a project required. This can allow for more accurate project management projections. This can also mean a greater accuracy in determining project length, as well as money spent on those efforts in the time it takes to complete a task.

What is ManicTime?

ManicTime is a robust time recording software. The program is not located in the cloud and is not internet dependent, meaning users do not have to be connected to the internet to track their own time or their employees’ time. This also helps to reduce security risks that are more common in cloud-based applications. ManicTime does not keep any of the data that is tracked and sends reports based on the metrics the user chooses to record.

ManicTime can also work with many of your current applications to further streamline work performance. There are many different uses for this time keeping system to keep your company productive.

How Time Keeping Helps Project Management

Time keeping makes it easier for a business to estimate future costs as well as the scope of existing projects. In comparison to a timesheet that only tracks an employee’s time in and time out; the hours tracker capabilities of ManicTime are far more detailed. For companies that work on a contractual basis, this can greatly assist with estimating timelines during a contract bid. As your business is built on reputation, you want estimates to be as close as they possibly can be to reality.

ManicTime ensures that you only take on projects that are worthwhile. Using previously gathered data, or data that is gathered while a project is in progress, you can determine if a project is worth the cost. This information can help a manager or company owner determine if they need to add or reduce the number of people working, or if the project should be reworked in another way.

Recording time spent on projects can not only help with initial project cost and time estimates, precise time keeping can also help reduce overall costs. By using ManicTime’s powerful timesheet capabilities, your business could also better manage how resources are utilized and reduce frustrations related to projects not being completed on time. All this can be done using real data gathered from the computers you have set up with ManicTime. We make it very easy to get started and start benefitting from detailed time recording right away.

The Benefits of Using an Hours Tracker

From an employee’s point of view, computer time recording does not always sound like a positive thing. Tracking every moment of every day can make your employees feel like someone is watching over their shoulder, but this does not have to be the case. ManicTime allows for time recording in a non-invasive way. Let it be known that utilizing an hours tracker is in no way meant to be seen as a sign of mistrust. The detailed timesheets created with ManicTime are simply for management to know how people work, so that the organization may be structured in a way that ultimately benefits the business and increases individual productivity.

Time keeping applications have been proven to reduce procrastination and increase productivity where they are implemented. When people know they are supposed to be working on a certain task and there is real accountability, that task is more likely to be worked on diligently and completed quicker. This allows managers to understand exactly how much time is being spent on a specific project, eliminating time spent procrastinating or working on other things. This improves working relationships and keeps employees, teams, and whole departments on the right track.

Time recording does not mean that there is going to be a micromanaging approach to employees. Instead, it means a more streamlined use of resources and a more accurate understanding of how long a project will take. This puts the emphasis on the work at hand, rather than the many distractions that exist on the computer and in an office environment.

Time Recording with ManicTime

There have been many studies on what makes a productive work environment, and tools that allow employees to stay on task help create a productive atmosphere at work. Many different industries can benefit from using an hours tracker. Employees should feel like time keeping is improving how they accomplish tasks. Given the right working environment, time recording allows employees to accurately monitor their own work instead of being forced to look busy for the sake of it.

Methods of time keeping are varied, and ManicTime is a detailed timesheet and time recording software application that offers data security, instant access to the recorded data, and easy integration with other software programs on your computer. Track your hours, projects, and productivity with one simple application.

For more information on ManicTime and our features regarding time recording, contact us today.

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  • I do contract work and manage multiple projects where I bounce between projects on an almost by the minute basis. Once tagging is setup I can easily tag all my activities as I do them and my time accumulates in each project bucket. At the end of the day my timesheet is a breeze. This is the best tool I have found so far for a work style that involves heavy duty multi-tasking. I don't know what I would do without ManicTime. Well designed and thought out product. Cindy

  • Just renewed my licence for another year Just thought I'd let you know that this is one of the best pieces of software I've ever installed on my computer, free or paid for. I run my own business which principally relies on writing technical reports. ManicTime has made it so much easier to track my time over the various projects and therefore manage my fees and costs. (And your support has been excellent when I have had the odd problem). Paul

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think your software has helped me capture $1000's of dollars in revenue that I just wasn't billing before, as I wasn't doing a very good job of tracking my time. With ManicTime I get it all, and if I were ever to be audited by a client, I could give them every detail. Thanks so much! Linda

  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to tag and color-code my work allows me to see at a glance how my day has been going. I can organize and structure things as much or as little as I like. What a great product! Gary

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