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ManicTime Server v3.1

What's new in this version:

Billable tags

In v3.3 we added billable tags to ManicTime. Now you can also see billable tags on ManicTime Server as well. There are two reports on which billable data will show up, Tags and Timesheet.

Tags report

Billable tags
For the selected tag you can also see billable/non-billable relation.
Billable vs. Non-billable tags


TImesheet - billable only

Email reports

ManicTime Server can now send out weekly and monthly email reports. You can configure email reports to send an email for the whole organization or just specific team.
All values in the report link back to the site, so you can do further analysis.
You can send yourself a sample email from demo server.
Email reports

New report - Total hours

In previous version it was hard to visualize total hours per user worked, so we created a new report. On the chart you will also see Expected work hours for the selected period. Total hours report

Running ManicTime server for the first time