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ManicTime Server v4.3

What's new in this version:


With Invoices you can create and print an invoice which you can then send your clients. Invoices can only be used by Admin users.

Invoices menu

You can create an invoice in two ways:

  • you can go to Invoices -> New invoice
  • or you can go to Timesheets, generate a timesheet, then click on Create invoice
Generate an invoice from timesheet

You can then add or edit items and other data. Logo and From fields will persist, so when you create a new invoice, the same values will already be used.

Logo and From fields data will persist

You can add a new client on the Invoice itself.

Add new client on invoice

If you need to edit an old client, you can do that on the "Invoice clients" menu.

Edit invoice clients

Once the invoice is complete, you can create a Pdf file, which you can then send to your client.

Create invoice Pdf file

Since we do not offer ManicTime Server in all languages, you can go to Invoice translations and translate any field name which is shown on the Pdf file, which you send to your clients.

Invoice translations

You can also add payments to the invoice. 

Add payment to invoice

When the Invoice is paid in full, it will be shown in green background on the list of invoices.

List of invoices

Client settings by client

Client settings can now be set per user. You can do that under Administration, Client settings.

You can enable or disable client settings, which are applied to all users. If you do not enable client settings for all users, then whatever is set on the client by the user will be applied.

Client settings for all users

Then you can also create new client settings and apply them to specific users. First create new client settings

Create client settings

Then give them a name

Name client settings

And in the end, assign them to specific users

Assign client settings to specific users