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ManicTime v1.4 changes

What's new in this version:
  • Day start shift (Professional edition)
  • Day view modes
  • Zoom enhancements
  • Filter works on all parts of Day view
  • Biggest changes are to the database structure. Hopefully this will end database corruption issues some users were experiencing.

Day start shift (Professional edition)

Day start shift feature is most useful for those who work through midnight. In previous versions if you worked through midnight you would end up with something like this.
Day ends at midnight Day starts the following at midnight

This wasn't very user friendly for those who work through midnight and it was almost impossible to know how much you worked on a given day if you normally stop working at 2 AM for example.

Day start shift allows you to tell ManicTime from when to when the day is counted. So for example a day start shift of 5 will display all days from 5AM to 5AM.
Setting day start shift
Now the same day pictured above will look like
Setting time shift
Statistics will also take this into account. For example, lets say day start shift is configured to 5 AM. If we have these two tags:
  • Browsing 10PM - 11PM (Jun 11)
  • Browsing 1AM - 2AM (Jun 12)

In statistics you would see Browsing 2hrs for Jun 11th.

Day view modes

There are now 3 modes on Day view.
  • Select All - you can make any selection, doesn't matter if time is already tagged. You can also create overlapping tags.
  • Select only untagged (default) - All activities will be displayed, but the ones which are already tagged won't have a checkbox.
  • Show only untagged - Only untagged activities will be shown.
Day view modes

Zoom enhancements

When over the timelines you can now mouse scroll to zoom, CTRL - mouse scroll to move left and right. You can now zoom to any time, not just hours, minimum zoom range is 10 minutes.

Filter works on all parts of Day view

When you write a filter all parts of the UI will reflect this.