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ManicTime v3.1 changes

What's new in this version:

Tracking schedule

You can now set the times during which tracker should track your computer usage. By default it will track all usage. If you would like to set specific hours during which it should track your usage, go to Tools -> Settings -> Tracking and check Tracking schedule.
Enable tracking schedule
You can drag on the grid to make a time selection, then use Set or Unset to define the schedule.
Define tracking schedule

Restrict tracker to not track specific applications, web sites or documents

You can also restrict the tracker to either track or not track specific applications, web sites or documents.
Restrict tracking by applications, web sites or documents
You can restrict by just checking items on the right side. At the top you can choose whether selected applications should be tracked or if it should track everything else except selected applications.
Restrict tracking by applications, web sites or documents
You can also type by hand. For example if I wanted to not track any time I spend in Notepad, I could just write notepad.
Don't track any Notepad usage
Notice that it also includes usage of Notepad++ and Notepad2. If I want to only exclude Notepad.exe usage, I can surround the text in double quotes.
Don't track any Notepad.exe usage

Restrict tracker to not track when specific words are in window title

I guess the best example of this is to not track any porn I might visit. Of course we never look at that stuff, but if we did, here is how we would keep it from registering in ManicTime.
Please, don't track my porn...

Plugin manager

Internally we had plugins for a number of years, but there was no manager. For example Outlook plugin was available as an option, you only needed to copy a few files and it worked. Now we added a plugin manager, so this will be easier. You can read more about plugin manager here.
We also created a GitHub project if you wish to write your own plugins.

Skype calls timeline

Skype timeline is available as plugin. It will show your calls on its own timeline. You can read more about it here.

Moves mobile app timeline (Discontinued)

Moves app is an app which you install on your phone and it tracks your movements throughout the day. If you use it, then you can view your data on a ManicTime timeline. Read more on how to add it here here.

Away view improvements

If there are multiple away times, you can now check them, then make a tag.
Check away times
Previously you could only modify time from start. Now you can also modify start time, so you can tag from some specific time up to the ending.
Tag from specific time up to ending

Hide timelines

You can now hide any timeline, even the default timelines. To show/hide the timeline, open Timeline editor and click hide/show.
Hide/show timelines

Visible change in UI when window is not focused

In ManicTime v3.0, where we introduced the new UI, there was no visible change when window was active or inactive. Now the color of the title and the color of the border change when window is not active.
Difference in window style when window is active or inactive