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ManicTime v4.7 changes

What's new in this version:

Autotags - sync with other devices using ManicTime Server

Autotags can now be synced across devices using ManicTime Server v4.4 or newer. There will only be one autotag timeline per user on the server. If you will make changes to autotags on one machine, they will be synced to autotags on other machines.

Publishing autotags to server

On ManicTime client you need to allow Autotags to sync:
Set autotags to publish on the client
If you have client settings enabled on the server, then autotags must also be allowed to sync on the server.
Set autotags to publish on the server in client settings
Once autotags sync from multiple devices, if you make changes to one autotag on one machine, it will be synced to the other machines.

If you have autotags timelines on multiple machines

Only first machine will send autotags, on other machines, additional autotag timeline from server will show up. In this case, you can delete the autotag timeline which exists only on that machine and keep only the one coming from server.

Away view - pause away notifications

In Away view you can now set to not show Away view notifications:
  • until tomorrow
  • until Monday
  • ever again
Pause Away view notifications
When paused until Monday or until tomorrow, this will be visible on the status bar at the bottom of the app.tomorrow
Away view notifications paused
To resume notifications, just click on the status bar.

Screenshot viewer now respects filter

If you use filter below, screenshots will now be shown only for the filtered activities.
Filtered screenshots

Add tag wildcard search

You can filter in add tag with asterisk and question mark chars. Asterisk will match multiple chars, while question mark will match only single char.
Use asterisk to substitute multiple chars
Use question mark to substitute single char