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ManicTime v5.0 changes

What's new in this version:

Tag and application shortcuts

Any key, not just numbers, can now be used for tag shortcuts. All other application shortcuts are now also listed in Settings, Application shortcuts.
Application shortcuts
You can use any key for tag shortcuts.
Adding tag shortcuts

Pause away view

Away view can now be paused until:
  • tomorrow
  • Monday
  • or never shown again
Pause away view
This is especially useful if you use the same machine for work and personal and you don't want to see Away view after work or during weekends.

Screenshot viewer reopens in the same place

If you are using screenshots viewer in its own window and you close ManicTime, viewer will now reopen in the same place when you next open the app.
Screenshot viewer reopens in same place

Added a setting where new tags are billable by default (Settings -> Tagging -> New tags are billable by default).

To set billable by default, go to Settings -> Tagging and check "New tags are billable by default".
Setting "New tags are billable by default"
When adding tags, they are marked billable.
Tags marked as billable

Pressing middle mouse button now scrolls the timeline horizontally

Pressing and holding or just pressing the middle mouse button over timelines will now scroll timelines horizontally.
Scrolling timelines horizontally

Configurable time snap when dragging on the time timeline

When selecting time by dragging on the timelines you can also drag on the time timeline at the top. In this case, time will snap to minutes. Now you can set that to 2,3,5,6... minutes in Settings, Display.
Time snap selection
When dragging over time timeline, time will snap to defined minutes
Time snap selection