Small Business Management

Owning a small business is hard work. Once you have a set of clients, an office, and even a few employees, you have added quite a lot to your overall workload. Small business management means making sure everyone is on the same page, jobs are being completed on time, and clients are happy.

Of course, this requires a new level of management. Small businesses, especially newer companies, typically have fewer resources than more established companies. This means putting more effort into managing your workload as well as the workload of your teams. So, in between new client meetings, managing your employees, and completing your own tasks, how do you possibly find time? Luckily, business management software exists to aid in this task, leaving you time to not only run your business, but maybe even enjoy life a little more as well.

The Need for Effective Small Business Management

As a small business, you are constantly proving yourself and your reputation. Any error can actually cost you money as you will no longer be able to appear as though you can compete with your larger competitors. Once your reputation is soiled as a small business, it is very difficult to rebuild it.

That being said, it is essential to be on top of your company and manage it appropriately. As an entrepreneur and the owner of a small business, you must be extremely hands-on. You must be aware of every expense, whether it relates to inventory or client work. As new clients are entered into your systems, you must be aware of their needs, the work involved, and the expected timelines related to completing jobs and invoicing. When even one step is missed or miscalculated, the entire business model is subject to crumble, leaving you with a large mess to clean on a limited budget. Trying to keep track of all of this manually is begging for error. Utilizing business software is the best way to stay organized.

There are two tips in this process that you can follow to help make your company run efficiently and keep your clients happy. First, keep your clients consistently updated with their projects, the progress that has been made, and overall timeline expectations. It is imperative that small businesses can provide adequate communication in a timely manner.

The second tip that makes your company successful is to bill your clients for the correct amount of hours worked. This may seem like a simple concept, but one that many new businesses mismanage all the time. If you think you only worked 3-5 hours on a specific task, but you actually worked 6.5 hours, you are missing out on key revenue that could be supporting your company. Reporting inaccurate numbers means that clients will question the validity of your services.

Our ManicTime business software was created to help you resolve all of these issues so that you can get paid what you are worth. It’s never too late to get started, so don’t risk non-payment becoming an issue.

ManicTime Makes Entrepreneurship More Accessible

Not only are you in competition with other, larger, companies, but you are also in competition with other small businesses like yourself. In a world where more and more small businesses are growing in the marketplace, you want to be able to stand out. This creates healthy competition and an abundance of resources for the consumer. However, entrepreneurs need a little help, and having the proper business management software is key.

As we stated above, larger corporations have many more resources, and therefore capabilities, than a smaller company. To aid in the management process, business software is a wonderful tool that can ensure everyone is on the same page and nothing is slipping through the cracks. Business management software such as ManicTime offers the types of capabilities that will make you seem like a much bigger company.

ManicTime makes entrepreneurship more accessible to everyone. This is because it enables companies to view work on a “big picture” basis. This includes time being spent on projects as well as the related costs to properly assess a business prior to tax season or a significant problem arising. It takes the guesswork out of running a company and cuts down on the time needed to conduct small business management tasks that take away from developing a brand.

For your convenience, ManicTime can be installed on every work station within a company, whether it is through a desktop or a laptop. The program works offline, meaning the device does not have to be connected to the internet for ManicTime to track productivity. Once installed, ManicTime tracks anything you may need it to track, including hours logged onto a project, websites visited, and applications accessed. This allows you to manage your employees without micromanaging, all while keeping productive with other small business management tasks, such as marketing and communicating with clients.

Managing Costs Raises Profits

An issue most small businesses run into is cost management. Companies always want to market and sell their products or services to bring in more revenue. Yet, without the necessary management, these tasks become costly and potentially ineffective. ManicTime is a high quality, cost-effective business software that helps increase profits by appropriately managing all of your time-consuming costs. In fact, there are several ways in which ManicTime aids in cost monitoring and reduction.

First, ManicTime is priced comparably with other business management software in the marketplace. Therefore, the actual purchase of this software is not only a great addition to your company, but it is priced with small businesses in mind, allowing you these amazing tools without breaking the bank. You can begin to improve your small business management with little monetary investment.

Second, the software itself is geared towards reducing the overall costs and expenses for running your company. This is because the more time that is spent managing the time of your employees, the less time you spend trying to sell to new clients. This means money going out the door instead of into your pockets. ManicTime completely takes care of this for you, sending you regular reports for when you need to know where the most of your employee’s time is being spent.

Additionally, this business management software ensures that all billable hours are captured and can be properly billed to your clients. You no longer have to depend on your employees’ records of their hours, which are subject to human error. Instead, you can keep 100% accurate time records when you have ManicTime in place. Every time your employee works on the computer, specific applications can be tracked. ManicTime even gives you the ability to tag websites, further simplifying your time tracking. You may notice that either more work is getting completed or more time is being billed and expenses captured. Either way, your company is now making more money simply because you are using business software to better manage employee time.

Finally, ManicTime allows you to properly analyze expenses and profit effectively. In doing so, you can assess what is working for your company’s bottom line and what is too ineffective or too costly. This allows you to cut out excessive costs that negatively impact your overall profits. You are no longer running your business blindly or waiting for others to do their job so that you can complete yours. When combined together, all of these benefits will aid in increasing your profits and building your business into the successful empire you have always envisioned.

As you can see, ManicTime is the entrepreneur’s answer to successful small business management. Using our business management software will ultimately increase your bottom line and make your job as the owner easier. If you are ready to utilize the most effective business software to streamline your company tasks, contact the experts at ManicTime today. Our team of knowledgeable representatives can help you understand the details of using this software and how to make it work for you and your business, building your profit margin and aiding in your overall success. There’s nothing to lose!

Download or contact us today and let ManicTime focus on keeping track of your time so that you can focus on your company.

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  • I do contract work and manage multiple projects where I bounce between projects on an almost by the minute basis. Once tagging is setup I can easily tag all my activities as I do them and my time accumulates in each project bucket. At the end of the day my timesheet is a breeze. This is the best tool I have found so far for a work style that involves heavy duty multi-tasking. I don't know what I would do without ManicTime. Well designed and thought out product. Cindy

  • Just renewed my licence for another year Just thought I'd let you know that this is one of the best pieces of software I've ever installed on my computer, free or paid for. I run my own business which principally relies on writing technical reports. ManicTime has made it so much easier to track my time over the various projects and therefore manage my fees and costs. (And your support has been excellent when I have had the odd problem). Paul

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think your software has helped me capture $1000's of dollars in revenue that I just wasn't billing before, as I wasn't doing a very good job of tracking my time. With ManicTime I get it all, and if I were ever to be audited by a client, I could give them every detail. Thanks so much! Linda

  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to tag and color-code my work allows me to see at a glance how my day has been going. I can organize and structure things as much or as little as I like. What a great product! Gary

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