How it works

Collect the data

ManicTime is installed on work machines and will collect computer usage data for each team member. Team members can use the data to accurately log their work hours.

Send to server

Data from all team members is sent to ManicTime Server. ManicTime Server is installed on your network, so the data is never sent outside of your organization.

View reports

ManicTime Server generates various reports, which you can view with a web browser. You can also configure the server to send weekly or monthly emails.

Why ManicTime?

Track project time

ManicTime collects computer usage data, which your team can use to accurately and easily track project work. This helps you know exactly where the time went and how much you need to bill a client.

Is your team working overtime?

Maybe you want your team to work overtime, or maybe you just want them rested. With ManicTime you will easily figure out who is working too much or too little.

Easily see when team members are coming and leaving

You can see start and end times for each member. You can also define a Required presence time range and easily see who is constantly late or early to leave.

When is your team most productive?

What are peak working hours of your team? Maybe you want to schedule a meeting during those hours, or maybe this is exactly the time when you want them focused on the work without distractions.

Share work hours with a client daily

Sometimes you have a client who wants to know your daily progress. When you have such a client, you can setup a shared report. Your client will then be able to see all hours worked on their project as soon as they are logged.

Identify tools your team uses

See a list of applications and web sites your team uses during the day to get the job done. This will help you identify procrastination software and websites, as well as help you decide if the software you purchased is being used.


On-premise installation

ManicTime Server is on-premise installation, which allows you to install ManicTime Server and ManicTime Clients behind your firewall. Data can be stored in one of three databases: SQLite (default, for teams up to 10), Microsft SQL Server or PostgreSQL.


Both ManicTime and ManicTime Server run on your machines. All data, which is collected, is stored on your machines and not sent anywhere. It is not shared with us or any third party and exists only on your machine.

Works great with disconnected clients

When connection to the server is not available, ManicTime Client still remains fully functional. It will still track computer usage and users can use it to input their work hours. Changes are sent to the server, when the connection to the server is available again.

Integrate with your existing solutions

You can get the data directly from the database using SQL statements or you can use HTTP API for accessing and manipulating data on the server. This way you can easily integrate ManicTime Server with your existing solutions.

Great reports

Reports like Attendance, Timesheet, Applications and Websites usage and others will give you better insight into your business. All reports are generated on the server and are accessible with a web browser.

Worried about collecting too much data?

No need to worry any longer. ManicTime will collect as much or as little data as you want. Want to know only about when users came to work and when they left? Or maybe you want to use it for keeping track of project work and not track any usage data? You can configure ManicTime to collect only the data you want.

Consistent tagging

Within ManicTime, tags are used to keep track of project work. On the server you can define a tag structure (clients, projects, tasks), which all users must follow. This way all project and task names users create are consistent, which is key to great timesheet reports.

Live updates

When the connection between the client and the server is possible, updates are sent every minute (can be changed). This ensures that the reports on the server are always up to date.


Server uses existing windows accounts for authentication and authorization. By default each user will only have access to his/her own data. Roles lets you define permissions, which the users have on the server.
You can also setup a secure connection (SSL) for all communication with the server.

Easy to deploy

ManicTime can easily be deployed to multiple machines via Group policy. You can deploy it with various predefined settings, like which project and task names users can use, stealth mode, tracking start and end times...

Email reports

Configure the server to send out weekly, monthly or yearly email reports.

Shared reports

Share your work on a project with your client. Just send the Shared report url to your client and he/she will be able to see all the time you log on the project.

Stay informed

  • I do contract work and manage multiple projects where I bounce between projects on an almost by the minute basis. Once tagging is setup I can easily tag all my activities as I do them and my time accumulates in each project bucket. At the end of the day my timesheet is a breeze. This is the best tool I have found so far for a work style that involves heavy duty multi-tasking. I don't know what I would do without ManicTime. Well designed and thought out product. Cindy

  • Just renewed my licence for another year Just thought I'd let you know that this is one of the best pieces of software I've ever installed on my computer, free or paid for. I run my own business which principally relies on writing technical reports. ManicTime has made it so much easier to track my time over the various projects and therefore manage my fees and costs. (And your support has been excellent when I have had the odd problem). Paul

  • Just wanted to let you know that I think your software has helped me capture $1000's of dollars in revenue that I just wasn't billing before, as I wasn't doing a very good job of tracking my time. With ManicTime I get it all, and if I were ever to be audited by a client, I could give them every detail. Thanks so much! Linda

  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use. The ability to tag and color-code my work allows me to see at a glance how my day has been going. I can organize and structure things as much or as little as I like. What a great product! Gary

Trusted by many productive individuals